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SeeFusion vs FusionReactor

Ben Doom
10/24/2007 12:09 PM

Thanks for the advice.  See questions and comments inline. Brad Wood wrote: > I'm biased because SeeFusion is the only product I have used, but I > wholeheartedly recommend it.  (I have absolutely no affiliation with > them) Unless you are simply interested in spending more money don't > think SeeFusion is less of a product because it is cheaper. No, my preference for FusionReactor wasn't because SeeFusion was cheaper. > The latest version of SeeFusion uses a very slick Flex interface that > allows constant streaming of stats among other things which I have found > to be very easy to use. Yes.  However, the FusionReactor interface seems just as nice. > The active monitoring rules E-mail me before anyone even notices the > servers have a problem FusionReactor seems to have this as well. > Where I take SeeFusion to the bank is in the database logging.  I have a > separate database for my webserver stats which I aggregate via jobs > every night and I can produce pretty nice trending reports at the end of > the month. (I will send you an example of a report I made from SeeFusion > data if you are interested) I had difficulty understanding how I was supposed to get this running. Honestly, I didn't put much time into it. > Even cooler is the API that is available to build your own monitoring > interfaces using live SeeFusion data.  I have a monitor I built that > shows me every spid running on the database, the NAME of the user > running it, and the page of the application they are on.  I used the > SeeFusion API to tie the web server info together with the database info > via running spid and web server IP. Fair enough.  I'm not sure I'd use that, though.  But it is a damn nifty feature. > Finally, I have never had a bad experience calling up for tech support. > I bugged the crap out of them for a while, and they still kept answering > the phones with a smile.  lol This is IMHO a great recommendation.  Service is very important to me. --Ben Doom

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