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SeeFusion vs FusionReactor

10/24/2007 01:21 PM

One other thing you might want to consider is the licensing. The last time I checked SeeFusion and FusionReactor were licensed in different ways. A SeeFusion license had to be purchased for each instance of ColdFusion running on the server.  Whereas, one FusionReactor license was used per server (not instance). This locked in FusionReactor for us.  At the time, FusionReactor cost us a little of $700 with a year update subscription.  To do the same with SeeFusion we figured out our costs to be over $3000. Of course licensing may have changed since then (almost a year ago), but I'm happy with FusionReactor.  Within 45 minutes of installing it, we found what was randomly crashing our server.  A user found out how to fudge a url to pull down massive amounts of data.  We corrected the code and booted the user.  This after 4 weeks of trying to find the problem. Steve Thanks for the advice.  See questions and comments inline. Brad Wood wrote: > I'm biased because SeeFusion is the only product I have used, but I > wholeheartedly recommend it.  (I have absolutely no affiliation with > them) Unless you are simply interested in spending more money don't > think SeeFusion is less of a product because it is cheaper. No, my preference for FusionReactor wasn't because SeeFusion was cheaper. > The latest version of SeeFusion uses a very slick Flex interface that > allows constant streaming of stats among other things which I have found > to be very easy to use. Yes.  However, the FusionReactor interface seems just as nice. > The active monitoring rules E-mail me before anyone even notices the > servers have a problem FusionReactor seems to have this as well. > Where I take SeeFusion to the bank is in the database logging.  I have a > separate database for my webserver stats which I aggregate via jobs > every night and I can produce pretty nice trending reports at the end of > the month. (I will send you an example of a report I made from SeeFusion > data if you are interested) I had difficulty understanding how I was supposed to get this running. Honestly, I didn't put much time into it. > Even cooler is the API that is available to build your own monitoring > interfaces using live SeeFusion data.  I have a monitor I built that > shows me every spid running on the database, the NAME of the user > running it, and the page of the application they are on.  I used the > SeeFusion API to tie the web server info together with the database info > via running spid and web server IP. Fair enough.  I'm not sure I'd use that, though.  But it is a damn nifty feature. > Finally, I have never had a bad experience calling up for tech support. > I bugged the crap out of them for a while, and they still kept answering > the phones with a smile.  lol This is IMHO a great recommendation.  Service is very important to me. --Ben Doom

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