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Adobe ColdFusion IDE survey

Mark Kruger
01/07/2008 03:19 PM

Now that is a useful list... Nice going jerry. My wish list for a CF IDE. Everything that CFEclipse and the Adobe's plug-ins has with support for: Better short cut keys for code snippets. Not "Ctrl J" but the way the HS/CFS did it. I stuck with CFS for a long time because of DW not supporting short cut keys. Right click >> edit tag - I stuck with CFS for a long time for this as well. Intellisense on CFCs with help (like what Aptana did with the JS libraries) - especially the Admin API, and to a lesser degree the popular frameworks - ColdSpring, MG, M2 etc. What Aptana did with the JS/AJAX libraries is nothing short of amazing. Better Intellisense for html and CSS. Intellisense/ Auto-complete for CFfunctions and CFscript. That is a Biggie. Database Manager. Like the one in MS Visual studio where you can edit the database and data A better query builder with JOIN support and code coloring. Better and faster integrated *Local* help for CF tags/functions. Built in access to basic CF Administrator functions. I would like to see a leaner version of Eclipse (my version eats up way too much RAM). Creating a new IDE or reviving CF Studio would be a waste of resources IMHO. CF Studio *was* great but it took too much hacking to get it to work with other languages (Java, PHP, ASP, C#, JS, SQL etc). Eclipse has spoilt me. I can jump between the above languages in a single IDE and have Intellisense and pop up help/hints for all of them. Thanx, Jerry Guido Programmer MGT of America, Inc. The information contained in this electronic communication is intended only for the use of the addressee, and may be a confidential communication.  If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that you have received this transmittal in error; any review, dissemination, distribution or copying of this transmittal is strictly prohibited.   

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