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Convert php to cfm

Andrew Scott
01/11/2012 12:18 PM

ColdFusion 9 comes with its own serialise and de-serialise function of json, the downside to this is that extJS will not work natively with that format of Json. I think I blogged an example on how you can write your own reader to then convert ColdFusion's JSon by extJS. As for output into the store, this is easily done by using the datastore load or via an ajax call manually. Then when the data is returned the store will do all the hard work for you. Most of what you are asking is Javascript, and there are plenty of examples on and their forums to achieve what you are looking for. The downside as I said is ColdFusion 8/9 native functions have a different JSon format and therefore need a reader to convert this on the fly as it is read. If you find yourself getting stuck some more, start with some of the examples and tutorials, and then use ColdFusion to deliver the content. Even if it is a basic grid, with a datastore that automatically loads the data via Ajax. You should not have any problems with this, but if you do then by all means shoot me an email and I will help you out further. --  Regards, Andrew Scott WebSite: Google+: Hi Andrew, I am using ColdFusion9 and have downloaded json (serialize and deserialize) from cflibs. Although this may sound naive, can you tell me where to include both files, also how to cfoutput it via json to my datastore  as I am a newbie...

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