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[ANNOUNCE] ColdFusion -FireLogger

Brook Davies
01/27/2012 12:37 AM

Hey Max, Got it installed (painless) and it looks cool. What I am wondering is it seems like you advocate using trace() instead of console().  And it sounds like if firebug/firelogger is not enabled, that no debugging output would be sent. Is that true? If so, is there a performance penalty to using this on a production server to track a bug? Wouldn't any client that does not have the firebug/firelogger combo and their IP added to the CF debugging IP list not get any additional overhead? Does the trace tag have overhead when debugging is not enabled? Just some thoughts.... Thanks again for a very cool extension and contribution to the community! Brook Looks cool! I'm gonna try it.... Hello all, Please pardon the interruption but CF-Community is high on politics and low on CF content.  I haven't posted to this list in at least 10 years, so I might be out of practice :) CF-FireLogger is a ColdFusion server-side library for the FireLogger ( Firebug extension. It enables logging of information from within ColdFusion code directly to the Firebug/FireLogger console. Think of it as the equivalent of JavaScript console.log() but for your CF apps. An optional feature allows viewing of ColdFusions debugging information in the console instead of inline. CF-FireLogger is a great debugging tool for any situation, and is especially useful for "AJAX" style applications where showing debug info inline isn't always an option. CF-FireLogger can be used as a standalone feature, or integrated with CFs built-in cftrace/trace() commands. CF-FireLogger can be used alongside the ColdFire debugging output console, or as a replacement. More details available here: Get the code: Or at RIA Forge: Cheers, -Max

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