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Load testing

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Load testing

> So what are the things I should look for during and after a Dave Watts 06/14/2003 12:11 PM

06/14/2003 12:11 PM
Author: Dave Watts Short Link: > So what are the things I should look for during and after a > load test? Will it be obvious once I run a test? Maybe I > should ask if it will be pretty straight forward as to what > I need to do. Like I said I don't have any previous experience > with load testing. Well, unfortunately, load testing is far from a trivial process. There are people who do nothing but load testing, which should give you an idea of the potential complexity of the process. You can certainly learn how to do it, though, with a little work. You might find the tutorials on the OpenSTA site useful: In summary, you build or write a load test script which follows a typical user's path through the site, and within the script, you provide instructions to record the timings of each step. Then, when you run the test, you look at the aggregated values of these timings to determine which pages take longer. Then, you examine those pages to see why they take longer, and whether you can do something about it. Dave Watts, CTO, Fig Leaf Software voice: (202) 797-5496 fax: (202) 797-5444
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