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Can I store extensions in custom location?

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Can I store extensions in custom location?

I have installed the RIAForge extension in CFBuilder 1.01, connected it to a cf9 marc -- 06/07/2010 08:58 AM
Marc, there are settings in CFB to define where to store extensions, per Adam Tuttle 06/07/2010 09:14 AM
Hi Adam, marc -- 06/09/2010 06:17 PM

06/07/2010 08:58 AM
Author: marc -- Short Link: I have installed the RIAForge extension in CFBuilder 1.01, connected it to a cf9 instance. But whenever I open it I get an CF error: "File not found: /CFBuilderExtensions/RIAForge Download/handlers/selectcategory.cfm" Turns out, CFbuilder looks in D:\JRun4\servers\cf9\SERVER-INF\temp\cfusion.war-426736299\CFBuilderExtensions\RIAForge Download\handlers\selectcategory.cfm but I stored the extensions in D:/www/wwwroot/CFBuilderExtensions. Much easier to remember and find. Is there a way to have CF look in _that_ place instead of the arcane D:\JRun4... location? Btw some info about my cf9 server settings in CFbuilder: context root: / application server name: cf9 (that name I see in the JRun admin on document root:D:\www\wwwroot\ Someone has a clue if this can be done? Thanks, Marc
06/07/2010 09:14 AM
Author: Adam Tuttle Short Link: Marc, there are settings in CFB to define where to store extensions, per server. You set it when you add the server to CFB, though it appears you can't edit it after the fact. I believe it's the last step of the add-server wizard. Adam ----- Excess quoted text cut - see Original Post for more -----
06/09/2010 06:17 PM
Author: marc -- Short Link: Hi Adam, I got this advice also from other people so I tried this: delete the cf9 server and re-install it. specify the location for extensions as D:www/wwwroot/CFBuilder Extensions. install the RIAForge extension and assign the cf9 server to it. tell it to install in D:www/wwwroot/CFBuilder Extensions. Hit OK and I get the message "installatin was succesfull". Then if I use the RIAForge extension on a project that I assigned to this cf9 server I get this error: "File not found: /CFBuilder Extensions/RIAForge Download/handlers/selectcategory.cfm" When I turn debugging on on the server I see cf9 is looking in this locaion: PATH_TRANSLATED=D:\JRun4\servers\cf9\SERVER-INF\temp\cfusion.war-426736299\CFBuilder Extensions\RIAForge Download\handlers\selectcategory.cfm The path after cfusion.war-426736299 does not exist. So it turns out the path I specified for creating the extensins when creating the cf9 server is complettely ignored by CFB... I use Coldfusion builder v 1.0 and it still seems a bit buggy.... Guess I have to install everything in the default folder until Adobe comes up with a fix? Marc
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