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Mozilla CSS3 and the W3C validation

Ian Skinner
01/22/2009 03:59 PM

So I have been playing with some of the few CSS3 tricks that are available in Mozilla browsers, such as the Corner Rounding: -moz-border-radius: 25px; property. This works a real treat, so then I took a gander at the W3C CSS validation tool but it does not like this property, as far as it is concerned it does not exist.  It would be happy with the generic 'border-radius' property, but no browser supports this, as far as I know. I thought the browser specific '-moz' was considered good, standard practice these days?  Is this just a case of the validation tool not properly recognizing this? And is there any simple trick that would allow me to keep the functioning, Mozilla specific CSS3 features and still get a passing validation from the W3C tool? Thanks Ian

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