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WANTED: Working, Tuned, Load-Ready FB4 ColdFusion MX Sample App

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WANTED: Working, Tuned, Load-Ready FB4 CFMX Sample App

Hey guys, I'd like to run some performance analysis on the CFMX engine using one Damon Cooper 06/13/2003 06:31 AM
Greetings, Mailbox 06/13/2003 08:24 AM

06/13/2003 06:31 AM
Author: Damon Cooper Short Link: Hey guys, I'd like to run some performance analysis on the CFMX engine using one of the above. I've had no luck getting any of the FB4Demo apps working under CFMX under load.   Holding down the IE "F5" (Reload HTML Page) key will show the problem.  I think v0.37 or something had a fix that might help address this, but I can't get a functional FB4Demo app working with it (even under single-user) for some reason. If anyone can zip up and email me, for example, the FB4Demo app in a tuned, would-be-ready-for-load, unzip-and-run state, I'd like to see if we can't tune ColdFusion a little to help make apps built with it go faster. Thanks! Damon Cooper Dir of Engineering, ColdFusion Macromedia
06/13/2003 08:24 AM
Author: Mailbox Short Link: Greetings, You may want to post this request to the Fusebox 4 mailing list. You can get more information on it and sign up at You might want to post this at the Fusebox forums as well. ( There are forums set up for FB4 and FBMX. There is a parameter in the fusebox.xml.cfm file (under <fusebox-parameters>) that can be set for development or production (<parameter name="mode" value="development" />) I believe setting this to 'production ' cuts down on parsing the XML files, but again you may want to confirm that on the FB4 mailing list. There is no such parameter in FB3. Also make sure you have the latest version, which i think is at v0.39. Hope this helps. At 06:28 AM 6/13/03 -0400, you wrote: ----- Excess quoted text cut - see Original Post for more ----- James Husum Currently Reading: Fedora edited by Michael Bracken
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