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Anyone using Adalon????

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Anyone using Adalon????

Which version of Adalon were you using? I'm assuming this is OBE, but I've just Jeff Davis 08/28/2008 06:13 PM
Hey there, Raavin 04/19/2006 07:58 AM

08/28/2008 06:13 PM
Author: Jeff Davis Short Link: Which version of Adalon were you using? I'm assuming this is OBE, but I've just started using Adalon after trying FuseBuilder (for comparison, not from having given up on FuseBuilder, BTW) AND I was searching for any re-usable bits of code, examples beyond the single "forums" example available on the old Adalon site. Jeff ----- Excess quoted text cut - see Original Post for more -----
04/19/2006 07:58 AM
Author: Raavin Short Link: Hey there, Is anyone using Adalon on the list. I've been having a play with it recently and I've been having some issues related to exporting of Fusebox 4.1 code. These are they... 1. I may not have set up things right but for some reason I lose an XFA in the translation. That's what seems to be happening anyway. I've provided a link to a simple test project with a couple of fuseactions and an XFA per page. In the output it doesn't show up any XFAs. 2. In the demo videos on the site, it would seem that datafields should be links but mine don't seem to be. 3. I'm an idiot obviously, but in the circuit.xml.cfm file, the fusedoc bits make it throw an error reading the file and for some reason in fusebox.xml.cfm, In <circuit alias="testcircuit" path="" parent="" /> the path doesn't seem to allow me to put the circuit files in a subfolder, they need to be in the main app folder. You can download the project at to see what I mean. Hope someone can shed some light. Cheers  & take care, Raavin ;)
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