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Coldfusion or Java Leap Year Error?

Les Schmidt
12/28/2008 06:30 PM

I have a CF application that collects data every 5 minutes from a weather station and many other devices at my home.  At about 4pm PST today (2/29), or midnight GMT on 3/1 , and for all of the 5 minute intervals thereafter, the web page that displays  data for today vs. the same time yesterday stopped working.  The error was: Query Of Queries runtime error. Comparison exception while executing =. Query Of Queries runtime error. Type cast exception: Failed to cast object of type java.lang.String to java.util.Date. The specific query is looking for a recorddate (formatted as 'm/d H:m') is: <cfquery dbtype="query" name="yesterdayData">   SELECT RecordDate,RecordTime,Rain24HR   FROM masterData   WHERE '#yRecordDate#'= recordDate </cfquery> If somehow GMT is at play (and I don't understand how or why, because now() correctly reports local time), then the WHERE clause would have been looking for a recordDate of '2/29 16:00' when it stopped working. I've searched all over and found a reference to a CF error. Because the query has worked continuously every 5 minutes for > 3 years, I'm suspecting that leap year is having a hand in causing this error.  Any suggestions?  possible solutions?

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