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ike onTap: IE7

07/22/2004 09:55 AM

Many of us have wished for quite some time that browsers would support the standards (and that the standards would improve), although while browsers not created by Microsoft receive frequent updates, the latest version of Internet Explorer is still several years old, and fails to support a number of features of CSS2 for instance. Dean Edwards is working on a set of "behaviors" (it's an IE thing) to make IE support more of the standards despite Microsoft's apathy. I'd seen this before, although at the time it hadn't been officially released in any way, merely leaked by someone who was quite excited to see it. I haven't tested anything of my own with it, but I'm contemplating the possibility of bundling it with the onTap framework core components. If you look at the downloads page, you'll see he's also working on some XML bindings to allow Mozilla browsers to use IE behaviors. My thinking is that including these in the framework's core components might make development of plugins and other applications easier across-the-board. Thus when developing a plugin which needs certain features not supported by IE or not supported by Mozilla, your installer could merely check the current version of the core framework, rather than providing instructions for downloading and installing these separately. Or perhaps I should create a plugin just for these. Decisions, descisions... ike (s. isaac dealey) 214.823.9345

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