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ike onTap: ODBC-ing Things In A Different Light

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05/26/2004 03:10 PM

I was wrong. The ODBC standard does indeed include a robust API for fetching meta-data from databases. My current assumptions: 1) the API is designed to work with COM and would require use of COM to implement comparable features for the onTap framework for CF5 and/or Access Databases. 2) use of the ODBC API could potentially provide the missing meta-data features to MS Access users using the same functions and syntax being used for the onTap framework's JDBC meta-data features. 3) Claude has a good reason for charging $99 for his custom tag, and I don't have time to figure out how to implement the ODBC API in the onTap framework. 4) implementation of the ODBC API would be at the risk of being "flakey" with ColdFusion MX as a result of the need for COM 5) any implementation of the ODBC API for the onTap framework at this point would also be putting time into legacy as a result of Microsoft's deprecation of COM Which raises a few questions. Most notably, is there a non-deprecated method of implementing the ODBC API within ColdFusion MX? If so can this method be implemented in a manner which is backward compatible to CF5 using only user-defined functions (as opposed to a cfx tag)? And finally - how comparable is the ODBC API to the JDBC API and what would be involved in making the feature implementations match those already implemented using JDBC? The middle question I think is less important, but worth knowing in any event. ike (s. isaac dealey) 214.823.9345

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william kossack
06/10/2004 04:54 PM

I'm looking at using CFX_ODBCINFO for a cold fusion database application. I've downloaded and I'm testing the free trial version. One problem I've discovered is that if there is a username and password on the database odbcinfo requires you provide the correct username and password. The system we are building uses a login.  Anyone with a login for this system will have administrative rights (it is only supposed to make managing the data easier).  Having to remember and type in a username and password for would soon be considered a pain.  Its like asking the administrator to reenter his id and password to do something. Is there any way to turn off the username and password in odbcinfo?

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S. Isaac Dealey
06/14/2004 09:12 AM

----- Excess quoted text cut - see Original Post for more ----- I wouldn't know for certain because cfx_odbcinfo isn't my tag, although my best guess would be no. The database meta-data features in the onTap framework similarly require username and password to be included in the code in order to connect to the datasource to fetch the necessary information. The way to avoid forcing the user to re-enter the username and password for the database continually is to store it in a persistent scope (session or application) and or in a separate database or table. s. isaac dealey   214.823.9345 new epoch : isn't it time for a change? add features without fixtures with the onTap open source framework

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