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Undocumented features

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Undocumented features

----- Excess quoted text cut - see Original Post for more ----- S. Isaac Dealey 09/01/2005 11:54 PM
Ike, Marlon Moyer 09/01/2005 10:44 AM

09/01/2005 11:54 PM
Author: S. Isaac Dealey Short Link: ----- Excess quoted text cut - see Original Post for more ----- No it's not undocumented... it just has piss poor documentation apparently (for example, the CF5 documentation says "refer to the following sections for more details about using createobject to create COM, CORBA and Java objects", followed by 3 links labelled "COM", "CORBA" and "CreateObject")... and in addition, much of the documentation has apparently VANISHED since the transition from CF5 to CF MX (when CreateObject suddenly became much more widely used of course). But if you go back and you look at the documentation for CF5 in the livedocs, you'll find references to the additional arguments in the documentation for using CreateObject with COM and CORBA (both of which accept up to 4 arguments). 44.htm#1102241 ( Missing documentation for MX and 7 at: 1102241 mmon/html/wwhelp.htm?context=ColdFusion_Documentation& m ) I had thought I'd written getObject() such that it would only use the arguments passed to it, so I figured that would work, but... and I'm not looking at the function currently (Mike and Judith were in from out of town and we went to dinner with them and didn't get back until late, so I'm not doing any real work tonight)... I guess if BD is erroring on the creation of that function because there are too many arguments passed to CreateObject(), then that function would likely need to be created with an evaluate() (the cf_core/call function does this) so that BD doesn't see the "problem" until the function executes, at which point the argument list can be trimmed to 2. s. isaac dealey     954.522.6080 new epoch : isn't it time for a change? add features without fixtures with the onTap open source framework
09/01/2005 10:44 AM
Author: Marlon Moyer Short Link: Ike, I was trying to figure out why onTap doesn't want to run on BD6.2.  I was trying to figure out what you're doing with the createobject command in the _libraries/cf_util/getObject.cfm file.  I can't even find documentation on the Macromedia site regarding sending more than 2 parameters to a createobject function. Is this a documented feature?  If not, isn't it kinda dangerous to base the framework on it? Thanks -- Marlon "Now watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical, liberal, fanatical, criminal. "
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